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Rattlesnake Solutions LLC Headquarters Snake Fence Examples in Arizona

A team of snake nerds, at your service.

We're those people – the ones with pet snakes, the ones that flip over logs whenever we're outside looking for animals, that friend at trivia that always gets the animal questions ... you know the type.

Everyone on our team is passionate about two things – conservation of wildlife, and keeping people safe. Fortunately, these are not mutually exclusive. As it turns out, the best way to keep people safe from rattlesnakes is to apply our knowledge and vast experience to truly solve the problem.

That problem? Development and encroachment into native desert. Tucson, in particular, is one of the fastest growing areas of the country. We know this puts people and snakes into a lot of uncomfortable situations. We are dedicated to solving this problem by developing and implementing sustainable and effective solutions, using our deep and honest interest in rattlesnakes as our guide.

A history of saving snakes and helping people

Rattlesnake Solutions was started in 2010 out of Phoenix, Arizona, expanding into Tucson soon after. What started as a service to capture and relocate unwanted rattlesnakes from homes became much more.

After seeing thousands of rattlesnakes in backyards, and seeing the awful messes of wire ties and chickenwire that had no effect, the need for something better was obvious. Eric Ford, co-owner of Rattlesnake Solutions, developed standards and installation methods based on rattlesnake behavior – what they can actually do, and why. The results would become the industry standard.

More than a decade later, with thousands of rattlesnake fence installations across the state successfully keeping rattlesnakes and residents apart, we look forward to talking to you about your backyard. Ask our crew a few questions about snakes, while you're at it ;)

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