Frequently Asked Questions about Snake Fence

Working With Rattlesnake Solutions

Objectively, we have the most experience and knowledge on the subject of rattlesnake prevention in Arizona. Snake prevention is one aspect of a full range of snake mitigation services we offer.

Our installers, managers, sales team spend their free time searching for rattlesnakes in the wild to photograph and educating the public. We are published rattlesnake researchers, leaders in snake conservation and public education, and feel strongly about customer service and the task we are hired to do: keep you safe, and make you feel that way.

For us, this isn't just an add-on to other servies or a way to make a buck. Snake fencing is an important aspect of sustainable conservation of native wildlife, one for which we have led the way. To see for yourself: give us a call and ask about rattlesnakes :)

Pricing for professional snake fence installation can vary greatly between properties, based on the size, features, build quality, and other factors involved. For this reason, ballpark estimates are typically avoided, as they are rarely accurate enough to be useful. Rattlesnake Solutions offers free quotes, however, to provide pricing as needed.

Wait times can vary depending on season and need. Typically, during the winter months or hottest times of summer, wait times are about a week. In the most snake-heavy times of year (April, September) you might expect closer to 2 or 3 weeks. In all cases we try our best to make sure that we can work effectively and get your snake fence installed perfectly without delay.

A rattlesnake should never get into a protected area. However, if something unexpected happens, we offer a 2-year Protection Warranty to snake fence clients. Our 24 hour snake removal hotline is available to capture rattlesnakes in the protected area, and find out what happened that could have possibly allowed its entry. Rattlesnake Solutions is the only company that offers this protection. This warranty can be renewed along with any necessary repair and maintenance with our Snake Fence Renewal service.

Rattlesnake Solutions offers a 1 Year Installation Warranty for new snake fence installations. In addition, this warranty can be renewed along with any necessary repair and maintenance with our Snake Fence Renewal service.

Snake Fencing and Animals

Snake fencing is designed to keep rattlesnakes out of an area. It will deter most other snake species, but to a lesser extent. Large, harmless snakes like Gophersnakes or Kingsnakes are much better climbers and may be able to find their way in and out of protected yards. However, as there is no danger associated with these species, it is not a concern.

While snake fencing is effective in keeping snakes at bay, it is not necessarily effective in keeping other mammals, such as coyotes, and other small animals, out of an area. These animals are typically more agile and able to navigate through or around the fence.

Although snake fencing is not specifically designed to keep rabbits out of an area, it is often effective at deterring them. While snakes pose a significant threat to humans, rabbits are more of a nuisance to gardens and landscaping. As a result, snake fencing is a suitable option to keep rabbits away from these areas. It is important to note that we do not offer specific warranties to deal with rabbits if a snake fence is installed with this purpose in mind.

Snake fencing is effective at keeping poisonous toads out of the yard, as well as rattlesnakes. However, due to toads being able to hide away underground for very long periods of time, and some limited ability to climb, it should not be considered as an absolute.

Snake Fence Technical Details

We build snake fence installations using materials and methods meant to last forever in the Arizona sun, like steel and concrete. We recommend periodic inspection and maintenance to address any settling or damage that may occur.

No, snake fencing will not disrupt the view from your property. Snake fencing installed by Rattlesnake Solutions uses materials that are difficult to see at reasonable distance. For most viewers, the steel mesh appears to be nearly invisible or a barely-detectable mist. There are also black mesh options available that is even more difficult to see.

We use special screws to secure snake fence materials to iron, concrete, and other materials. Doing so makes it easy to remove and replace in the event of HOA repainting or additions. It also protects the iron from rust, which can be accelerated by methods like wire ties. We also will not use plastic or zip ties in any installation, as they do not last long in Arizona heat.