How does snake fencing work to keep rattlesnakes out?

It's simple – physical barriers prevent rattlesnakes from coming in.

Snake fencing keeps rattlesnakes out by creating a barricade at all points of entry that rattlesnakes can't climb over. While rattlesnakes do have some climbing ability, they can't climb up straight, smooth surfaces, and seldom even try. We look at the behavior of rattlesnakes, how they climb, move, and travel, and use that information to protect your back yard.

Big snakes and small snakes - keep them all out.

We test our snake fencing with real rattlesnakes, from the largest specimens ever found in Arizona, down to newborn, tiny species only a few inches long. That is why we seal your property to a 1/4" gap, and work with height all around the property to make sure that every rattlesnake is denied entry, not just the medium-sized snakes.

Don't forget the gates! The most common DIY snake fence mistake.

We see a lot of bad snake fence jobs out there, most often while on property to catch a rattlesnake. The reason: most people who install snake fences really don't know what they're doing. They either don't have rattlesnake expertise and experience and don't understand the details involved, or miss critical features that are required to keep rattlesnakes out.

The biggest mistake that we see out there are gates that are not sealed properly, or even at all. Something we encounter quite often is the idea that just putting up snake fencing along a back fence will do the trick, when in reality, this can create a "snake funnel" and help rattlesnakes find small openings and become trapped in the yard. Sealing gates to complete a snake-free perimeter around the entire yard is incredibly important. Not only that, but it has to be done right. Gates need to function, and there's no "good enough" situation other than an absolute seal.

Does snake fencing work better than chemical snake repellents?

Absolutely, snake fence installation is the only proven way to keep snakes out of your yard. Snake repellents and chemicals that are commonly sold by pest control companies simply do not work. Our experiencing removing thousands of rattlesnakes from Arizona yards have shown that there is no difference whatsoever between yards treated with snake repellent products and yards that are not. We have even seen rattlesnakes sleeping in and under snake repellent bags – they do not care, and you shouldn't waste your money on them.

The fact is, our business is keeping rattlesnakes away, and if there was any evidence that snake repellent chemicals worked at all you would find them for sale here on our page. Pest control companies we have talked to about the issue acknowledge privately that they know the chemicals don't work, but "our customers ask for it". Don't fall for it.

What else can I do to keep rattlesnakes away?

Rattlesnakes visit backyards every day in Arizona for various reasons. They're looking for food, water, and shelter that may be part of your desert landscaping. Even if these features are completely eliminated, rattlesnakes sometimes just wander through, putting them in direct conflict with your family and pets.

In addition to snake fence installation, there are some changes to landscaping and other relatively minor changes that can be made to unprotected parts of the property, like the front yard. As part of your service, we offer all customers free, ongoing information and consultation by Arizona's leading experts on urban rattlesnake encounters.

Are you having rattlesnake issues?

Tell us what happened – whether you just had a snake in the yard, or are a new resident looking to keep your family safe, we can yelp.

Keep rattlesnakes out

Rattlesnake fence solutions based on rattlesnake behavior and physiology. We know what rattlesnakes do and why they do it, and how to keep them out of your yard.

Built to last in the Tucson sun

We use materials made to stand up to brutal Arizona weather. Steel and concrete will keep rattlesnakes away and keep your property looking great for years to come.

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Rattlesnake Solutions employs scientists and rattlesnake experts ready to answer your questions any hour, any day. We offer this service free of charge to all customers for life.

*No up-front deposit required for most projects under $10,000 total value using standard materials.