Snake Fence Installation by Rattlesnake Experts in Tucson and Southern Arizona

The most experienced snake fence team in Arizona

We know rattlesnakes.We study them, work with them in the wild and and captivity, and are world authorities on urban rattlesnake encounters. This is the experience we bring to your property with every snake fence project. When it comes to protecting your family from a potentially dangerous rattlesnake encounter, settle for nothing less.

  • Free phone consultation
  • No deposits – you pay when the job is done.*
  • 24/7 rattlesnake expert available
  • The best protection from Tucson rattlesnakes

Rattlesnake prevention and snake fencing services are available in Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Vail, Green Valley, and other areas of Southern Arizona. Now accepting new projects state-wide.

Are you new to the Tucson area, or have you had a rattlesnake encounter that you don't want to repeat?

Part of designing the perfect rattlesnake solution is understanding your situation. Whether you're looking at snake fence options because of a recent rattlesnake scare or you're brand new the Arizona desert, we want to hear about it.

Do you already have a snake fence? If it doesn't pass this simple test, it's not getting the job done.

Keep rattlesnakes out

Rattlesnake fence solutions based on rattlesnake behavior and physiology. We know what rattlesnakes do and why they do it, and how to keep them out of your yard.

Built to last in the Tucson sun

We use materials made to stand up to brutal Arizona weather. Steel and concrete will keep rattlesnakes away and keep your property looking great for years to come.

Lifetime 24/7 Rattlesnake Expert support

Rattlesnake Solutions employs scientists and rattlesnake experts ready to answer your questions any hour, any day. We offer this service free of charge to all customers for life.

*No up-front deposit required for most projects under $10,000 total value using standard materials.